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Result: 1420 pips (1 year)

Updated: May-2010

Profitable: 8.5/10

Easy To Follow: 6/10

Honest Result: 10/10

Support: award winning rapid support by Charles + forum

Bonus Value: 10/10

Results: 5/5

The Good: really outstanding personal support service and forum! Also I liked the fact that FAPWINNER LLC is a legal registered company in USA with a phone support and a valid adress

The Bad: high cost, but I think it is worth its money


REVIEW: To be honest we all know that original ForexAutopilot (FAP) email support sucked. These guys became too popular and really got overloaded with support requests. I heard they get over 500 emails each day (!). On the other hand I can understand them too. For example even I get emails from some newbies who have problems opening a file that you should not open at all!  Sometimes I get requests for help from some of FAP clients who say "I can't open EX4 File, help me dude!!". Folks, why on earth don't you read the instructions!?! You should not open it at all, just place in the "Metatrader/Experts" folder!!!

Some time ago good fellow trader, Charles A.Floyd II, noticed the FAP system and decided to change the world. He was so dissapointed reading that people critique this great product and call it a scam just because they don't bother to read the instuctions and can't set it up properly.

Charles decided to open the FAPUG (fap user group, some kind of community on yahoo), develop his own settings and trading plan (FAPTS) and help all FAP clients for free.

Needless to say, his group rapidly gained huge popularity and grew to well over 900 members in just a few months! Finally Charles' efforts were noticed by FAP creator Marcus Leary and his team and they made Charles the master FAP trader and decided to unite efforts.

So FAPWINNER was born. It is a killer combination of award winning Charles' support service (rapid email support, live chat, FORUM, remote help, phone support, personal appointments and weekly mentoring class - I heard Charles hired over 12 people to help him with that) and great working ForexAutopilot. Moreover Gold and Supreme members get access to the Charles' Hedging EA. I had a chance to grab a link for the backtesting of this EA. Take a look.
Yes, this service has high costs (from 199 USD) but I suppose it is worth the money.  You decide anyway.

Update Today my pal Mark recorded his video review of Fapwinner on YouTube.. hehe looks like this dude really liked that stuff:
Check out FapWinner video review by Mark

Update August 2008 Wow! FapWinner is going WILD! Charles decided to create first FapWinner world seminar in October 2008 in MATTESON, IL! you can check out details and apply here

Update November 2008 Charles A. Floyd is opening a new service for a limited group of traders. It is called Golden Grid Managed Account Service. It is not a FAPWINNER product but somehow it is connected so I decided to write about it here. Later I will prepare a full review. I have signed up myself for the Golden Grid service last week and it already made 32 profitable trades so far. The idea of the Golden Grid is rather simple: this EA is building a grid of pending orders in both direction that will close with a small take profit value. I will keep you updated with results. Wesite looks very nice and I liked the fact it is a legal registered service from Floyd Group LLC with a phone support and a valid US adress.

Update Great news, guys! I have a new section "Inteviews" where I will interview forex systems creators. Today I have a first interview with Charles A. Floyd from FAPWINNER! This interview is a "MUST LISTEN" for all.

Update December Charles from Fapwinner.com has issues special FAPTURBO Settings report with his own settings&strategy and added fapturbo to Fapwinner portfolio and discussions and started fapturbo mentoring class.

Update April 2009 Charles published interesting video about fapwinner on youtube. Charles A. Floyd from FAPWINNER on Youtube! I heard fapwinner is going to start a series of free webinars for its members. Don't forget to read Charle's Notes on forum.

Update June 2009 Fapwinner is organizing World Seminar 2009 in UK. Megadroid and fapturbo team, donnaforex, 4xproject and other stars plan to come. You can get more info and apply here.

Update August 2009 Fapwinner has introduced the whole new concept and website. Now it is called Forex Amplified Performance Winner and has great number of new services including Fapwinner Area51

Update January 2010 Charles has released the Fapwinner scalper. It produces really good results. Take a look on the backtest. Ask Charles how you can get it.

Mr. Charles Floyd from Fapwinner (remember, I made an interview with him last year) liked the idea of my million dollar challenge and decided to start his own challenge. You can follow it on his blog here: Charles' Challenge Blog - he is already in profit after first 2 weeks!! You can follow each trade.