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Hi there! I am Mark Larsen, professional forex trader. My amateur forex trader friends were always asking me to recommend good forex signals to them because you know we are all too lazy to analyze the forex market trends ourselves: boring technical and fundamental analysis and things like that.. So finally I got fed up with these requests and decided to make a report summary on each top forex trading system I found so fellow traders didn't have to search everywhere for the information. To my surprise, I have found that most of the forex signal providers are just mere get-rich SCAMS, promising high profits with no proof and fake reports! So be careful and always read my short forex reviews before ordering such services.

I will try to keep monitoring the services that have already been reviewed so that the information will always be up-to-date.
You see I am an independent forex trader and this site is not supported by any signal service or forex system provider, so my reviews are unbiased. You can watch my video introduction at the left size of this message. You can also join my private group of fellow traders on secrets.bz for free.

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My system
GPS Forex Robot

Updated: September 2019

Profitable: 10/10

Easy To Follow: 10/10

Honest Result: 10/10

Support: Personal support by Antony and Ronald

Bonus Value: 10/10

Results: 5/5

The Good: Forex robot with absolutely new trading approach.

The Bad: Nothing bad :)


Here is our LIVE REAL MONEY Account that we started in May 21, 2012, which is verified completely by Myfxbook with an initial deposit of $100,000:

  • Trading The EURUSD Pair
  • Exceptionally Small Drawdown
  • $100,000 Deposited On May 21, 2012
  • Current Balance More Than $600,000

Click on the chart to verify the trading results

Here is our LIVE REAL MONEY Account that we started in March 2012, which is verified completely by Myfxbook with an initial deposit of $50,000:

  • Trading The EURUSD Pair
  • Less Than A 5% Drawdown
  • $50,000 Deposited On March 26, 2012
  • Current Balance More Than $150,000

Click on the chart to verify the trading results

Watch the webinar recording (meet the team)

Download Webinar Transcript PDF

My follow forex trader friends were always asking me to recommend a good forex system to them. Finally after 1 year of live tests with my betatesting group I am glad to reveal my best system: GPS forex robot.

Here is the story in short.

Four years ago I came up with the idea of a great trading system that worked really well for me.

The system is really bulletproof and can sustain any market condition.

The only problem was - I did not have enough time to sit near my PC 24/5 waiting for the signals. So I decided to join forces with two young talented programmers, Antony & Ronald, who developed a great robot for me based on this system.

At the end of December 22, 2010 the new revolutionary forex robot with absolutely new trading approach - GPS Forex Robot was released.

Like a GPS navigator in your car the robot is trying to predict the short term movement with a very high probability.

That's why I decided to call it "GPS Forex Robot".

In 98% of cases it is right.

And in the 2% of cases when it is wrong, Antony & Ronald added a great reverse strategy inside which instantly opens a trade in the opposite direction and covers the small loss. This simple trick makes the robot really undefeatable on both backtest and live trading!

And the best part is - The robot does not involve any tricks like martingale, grid or no-stoploss trading that can easily blow your account.

GPS Forex Robot works on three currency pairs: EURUSD, USDCHF and EURGBP and it does not matter what timeframe you use when you install this expert advisor. It independently takes all of the information from the market and calculates the necessary parameters for optimal trading. On the backtests GPS Forex Robot shows unbelievable stability and very good profit. Moreover, this robot is not sensitive to the spread. For example, with the EURUSD pair, for only one trading operation, the expert takes an average profit in 8 pips, while the average spread for this currency, for example on the Alpari UK or IamFX brokers, is only 0.6 pips.

I've spent a lot of time, effort, and energy developing this system. I wanted to design and create a robot that ANYBODY could easily implement and start using IMMEDIATELY, making money on forex... without having to lie, do dishonest things and waste time.

On the GPS Robot page you will see our live trading accounts. There are no tricks and fake claims - only live real time proof and all the accounts are fully verified.

What about backtests of GPS Forex Robot?

Here they are:

GPS Forex Robot EURUSD 2007-2019 H1 Backtest:

GPS Forex Robot USDCHF 2006-2019 M15 Backtest:

When designing the GPS Robot, we immediately set out to take into account the fact that the overwhelming majority of experts now require a large initial deposit. With the GPS Forex Robot, you can start to make money right away, even if you only have $100 in your account. As a good example, our real money account began with an initial deposit of $250, and currently has a balance of almost $1,000.

The GPS Robot has already proven itself to be really profitable to us and all our betatesters. Now you have a chance to become a part of our happy money making family!

You can join us here: GPS Robot website
Tested Result: 518 pips

Updated: April 2012

Profitable: 10/10

Easy To Follow: 8/10

Honest Result: 10/10

Support: replies within 24 hours (tested via 4 emails and made a call)

Bonus Value: 5/10

Results: 5/5

The Good: Guys, that is really first real money trading robot!

The Bad: Nothing bad so far.


REVIEW: Hi guys! Well...Finally we have new winner! I Think everyone heard about it. Fapturbo was released 25th November and made a huge buzz over the internet. No wonder as seems it is a really first money trading robot, the product we all so expected for a long time among all the crap that is popping up on the market every single day...

I reveal my secret - I was invited to the Fapturbo betatester group and results are great so far! I still can`t believe it is possible. I will share more results and updates soon! Take care!

No long talks here. See my video report and review my fapturbo live trading statement. Click Here. Let numbers speak for themselves.

UPDATE I have found one great FAPTURBO review by one of its affiliates Click here to watch it Please note that guy is not independent reviewer as he is forcing you to use his affiliate link! But still I believe it is worth of watching.

Update December Charles from Fapwinner.com has issues special FAPTURBO Settings report with his own settings&strategy and added fapturbo to Fapwinner portfolio and discussions and started fapturbo mentoring class.

Update January During last month we've been pretty flooded with your emails about new Fapturbo robot that showed such fabolous results in real trading in november. Is it still working?? So I asked Mark to shot a video update with his recent results:

BTW, Fapturbo guys opened a new private forum few weeks ago and run monthly mentoring sessions soon on fapturbo. So don't miss it!

Update February 2009 January results were incredible! I got just one losing day in the whole month! The current version is 36 and the developers are working on the new updates. You can follow them on Twitter here. to get the latest news on their progress

Update Congratulations to fapturbo developers! This robot won the world Forex Robot contest. I quote: "The first to cross the finish line of this, the 3rd world contest of automatic trading, was FAPTurbo . This forex robot was the undisputed winner of the 3rd contest since its beginning. An extraordinary 62.2% equity increase was reached with this robot becoming the new highest ever equity growth in our live competition. . The second place got 10PipsPro Robot (negative equity growth -13.4%) and the third was Forex Tracer Robot (-34.0%).

Update April 2009 Fapturbo continues its wonderful performance on my account. However guys I am sure you need some 3rd party results. Take a look on Donna's account here http://donnaforex.mt4stats.com/ - she managed to triple the deposit in few months! And here is the 4xrobots Robot Race where fapturbo is the top winner again:

Update May 2009 Cool! guys, new fapturbo version 47 was released today! I've already made a few quick tests and it looks awesome!

Update Fapturbo.com robot has become so popular and profitable that every scammer dreams of cloning it. There was a huge number of scam clones created recently. Read my fapturbo scam clones report. Beware of the clones!

Update august Rob Casey has developed a detailed fapturbo guide which is worth reading. It is not free however if you are serious of making money on fapturbo it is worth it. Read Fapturbo expert guide.

Update October I am betatesting the new fapturbo 49. It is a new version that will be released soon!

Update November 2009 New version fapturbo 49 was released. It has great new settings for USDCAD and EURCHF and trades new currency pair: USDCHF. Read full report

Update January 2010New version works really good. Here is my balance growth from the Iamfx.com account:

Update March 2010 Fapturbo 50 was released!! The new version supports new currency pair GBPUSD! Check out the details and tests here: Read full report

Update May 2010 Fapturbo guys released a free AiCashRobot for betatesters. Where is the catch? There is no catch. They earn broker commissions and build trader community (you need to invite 3 friends) and give you free robot in return. I started to forward test it. You can qualify and download AICashRobot here

Update Nov 2010 Fapturbo 52 was released!! The new version supports new scalping currency pair EurUsd M15! Check out the details and tests here: Read full report

Update July 2011 Fapturbo Inchimoku was released!! That is the new version of fapturbo scalper with new settings, reduced stop loss value and the new Ichimoku filter! Check out the details and tests here: Read full report

Update Oct 2011 Fapturbo 54 was released!! Awesome new settings

Update April 2012 Fapturbo 56 was released!! Read full report what's new?

Tested Result: testing

Updated: August 2010

Profitable: 8/10

Easy To Follow: 8/10

Honest Result: 9/10

Support: replied 3 times and provided betatester copy to me

Bonus Value: 10/10

Results: 5/5

The Good: The new revolutionary forex robot with a completely new trading approach.

The Bad: Nothing bad so far.


Last month I got some really great news. At the end of August 2010 the new revolutionary forex robot - Forex Bullet Proof will be released. And this is not just new hype, It's a completely new trading approach, which has never been released to the public before.

And the best part - I got a chance to become a betatester and to see it before the general public! Today I'm gonna share my results with you.

Forex Bullet Proof works on two currency pairs: EURUSD and USDJPY on M1 timeframe.

The whole idea is based on proper automatic lot size calculation using the progressive lot sizing techniques.

The robot's trading hours and days are carefully selected based on the time zone differences between the closing and opening times of stock exchanges in different parts of the world. That's why the robot is always overall in profit no matter what the current situation is on the market. The time of the robot's market entry is set to a fixed time of the day, during which the massive asset transfer from US stock exchanges to the European ones takes place because of the American trading floors (NYSE, CBOT ect) closing down for the night and the European ones (Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Brussels etc) being about to open in the morning, therefore boosting up the demand for the Euro against the US Dollar, as all stocks in the US are being traded for the US Dollars and all stocks in Europe are being traded for the Euros. The same is true for the USD/JPY currency pair, when the Japanese stock trading for the Yen ceases in the evening (NIPPON, NIKKEI etc) and the American one is about to resume in the morning.

On the backtests this expert advistor shows very stable results and good profit, also, this robot is not so sensitive to the spread because it trades 2 currencies with huge liquidity.

Besides, Forex Bullet Proof has a nice trading activity; during one day it can make twenty profitable trades!

I was really excited by the test results and decided to use it on my real money account from Iamfx with microlots.

Guys, make sure you follow Bulletproof's recommendations on deposit and lot size when trading if you want to keep it really safe and I hope you'll get great results like me!!!

As far as I know Bulletproof can also be purchased in a special package with the High Voltage risky robots and the Market Dominator - the manual trading system that won the forex trading competition recently.

Forex Bullet Proof EURUSD 2009 Backtest:

Forex Bullet Proof USDJPY 2009 Backtest:

Tested Result: +87%

Updated: May 2010

Profitable: 7/10

Easy To Follow: 10/10

Honest Result: 10/10

Support: very good support, got 4 replies

Bonus Value: 9/10

Results: 4/5

The Good: Robot is free. Good support

The Bad: Supports only one broker


Today I have a short video review of the new robot called AiCashRobot. Fapturbo guys released this AiCashRobot for betatesters few weeks ago. The robot is really worth checking out because it showed great results on both backtest and forward test and the best part is - it is free.

So what's the catch?

Well.. There is no catch. They earn broker commissions from Iamfx and build trader community (you need to invite 3 friends) and give you free robot in return. Easy as that. So basicly This is a win-win situation.

Watch my video review for more information on this robot:

Tested Result: testing
Forex Legend

Updated: July 2010

Profitable: 9/10

Easy To Follow: 10/10

Honest Result: 10/10

Support: good support (received 1 reply)

Bonus Value: 10/10

Results: 5/5

The Good: Quality product with 2 promising robots in a package

The Bad: Nothing bad so far.


Forex Legend is a new and promising forex robot which I has been betatesting for while. Actually it is a big package, which includes three original experts: primary - Forex Legend Trend Follower, and additional - Forex Legend Scalper and Forex Legend Elite.

Forex Legend Trend Follower works on three currency pairs: EURUSD, USDCHF, AUDUSD on M15 (15-minutes) time frame. The Scalper uses four pairs: EURCHF, EURCAD, GBPCHF, GBPCAD on M15. While Forex Legend Elite works only with EURUSD on M1 time frame.

Forex Legend has very stable results on backtests and shows great profit and good trading activity. It makes around 10 trades a month which grab about 400 pips from the market on average and sometimes even more.

Drawdowns are fairly small, comparing to other robots with the same results. Moreover, Forex Legend is not so sensitive to the spread.

Besides, you can watch $115,000 of real money being traded live in 52 real accounts. You can watch them in metatrader in your browser in real time. Amazing technology! This type of unrestricted access has never been given before in the history of Forex Robots :).

I've already set all experts of Forex Legend package on my forwardtest:.

Result: 1420 pips (1 year)

Updated: May-2010

Profitable: 8.5/10

Easy To Follow: 6/10

Honest Result: 10/10

Support: award winning rapid support by Charles + forum

Bonus Value: 10/10

Results: 5/5

The Good: really outstanding personal support service and forum! Also I liked the fact that FAPWINNER LLC is a legal registered company in USA with a phone support and a valid adress

The Bad: high cost, but I think it is worth its money


REVIEW: To be honest we all know that original ForexAutopilot (FAP) email support sucked. These guys became too popular and really got overloaded with support requests. I heard they get over 500 emails each day (!). On the other hand I can understand them too. For example even I get emails from some newbies who have problems opening a file that you should not open at all!  Sometimes I get requests for help from some of FAP clients who say "I can't open EX4 File, help me dude!!". Folks, why on earth don't you read the instructions!?! You should not open it at all, just place in the "Metatrader/Experts" folder!!!

Some time ago good fellow trader, Charles A.Floyd II, noticed the FAP system and decided to change the world. He was so dissapointed reading that people critique this great product and call it a scam just because they don't bother to read the instuctions and can't set it up properly.

Charles decided to open the FAPUG (fap user group, some kind of community on yahoo), develop his own settings and trading plan (FAPTS) and help all FAP clients for free.

Needless to say, his group rapidly gained huge popularity and grew to well over 900 members in just a few months! Finally Charles' efforts were noticed by FAP creator Marcus Leary and his team and they made Charles the master FAP trader and decided to unite efforts.

So FAPWINNER was born. It is a killer combination of award winning Charles' support service (rapid email support, live chat, FORUM, remote help, phone support, personal appointments and weekly mentoring class - I heard Charles hired over 12 people to help him with that) and great working ForexAutopilot. Moreover Gold and Supreme members get access to the Charles' Hedging EA. I had a chance to grab a link for the backtesting of this EA. Take a look.
Yes, this service has high costs (from 199 USD) but I suppose it is worth the money.  You decide anyway.

Update Today my pal Mark recorded his video review of Fapwinner on YouTube.. hehe looks like this dude really liked that stuff:
Check out FapWinner video review by Mark

Update August 2008 Wow! FapWinner is going WILD! Charles decided to create first FapWinner world seminar in October 2008 in MATTESON, IL! you can check out details and apply here

Update November 2008 Charles A. Floyd is opening a new service for a limited group of traders. It is called Golden Grid Managed Account Service. It is not a FAPWINNER product but somehow it is connected so I decided to write about it here. Later I will prepare a full review. I have signed up myself for the Golden Grid service last week and it already made 32 profitable trades so far. The idea of the Golden Grid is rather simple: this EA is building a grid of pending orders in both direction that will close with a small take profit value. I will keep you updated with results. Wesite looks very nice and I liked the fact it is a legal registered service from Floyd Group LLC with a phone support and a valid US adress.

Update Great news, guys! I have a new section "Inteviews" where I will interview forex systems creators. Today I have a first interview with Charles A. Floyd from FAPWINNER! This interview is a "MUST LISTEN" for all.

Update December Charles from Fapwinner.com has issues special FAPTURBO Settings report with his own settings&strategy and added fapturbo to Fapwinner portfolio and discussions and started fapturbo mentoring class.

Update April 2009 Charles published interesting video about fapwinner on youtube. Charles A. Floyd from FAPWINNER on Youtube! I heard fapwinner is going to start a series of free webinars for its members. Don't forget to read Charle's Notes on forum.

Update June 2009 Fapwinner is organizing World Seminar 2009 in UK. Megadroid and fapturbo team, donnaforex, 4xproject and other stars plan to come. You can get more info and apply here.

Update August 2009 Fapwinner has introduced the whole new concept and website. Now it is called Forex Amplified Performance Winner and has great number of new services including Fapwinner Area51

Update January 2010 Charles has released the Fapwinner scalper. It produces really good results. Take a look on the backtest. Ask Charles how you can get it.

Mr. Charles Floyd from Fapwinner (remember, I made an interview with him last year) liked the idea of my million dollar challenge and decided to start his own challenge. You can follow it on his blog here: Charles' Challenge Blog - he is already in profit after first 2 weeks!! You can follow each trade.

Tested Result: testing
Forex Mega Droid

Updated: January 2010

Profitable: Testing

Easy To Follow: Testing

Honest Result: Testing

Support: Testing

Bonus Value: Testing

Results: Testing

The Good: Trades EURUSD pair which is not a spread dependent pair

The Bad: Nothing bad so far. Does not trade often


Hi guys! I guess you heard all the buzz about the new Forex Droid robot that was released 31 March.
As you know as always I am in the insider group of first betatesters and had a chance to test it before the rest of the world. Here is my first test results and they look really good. The robot is trading EURUSD pair which is not a spread-dependent and uses Artificial Intelligence and some complicated RCTPA technology to adjust the stop loss according to the market volatility.

Fx Droid Testing Results - Note: I use 0.1 lot and no money management. That's why profit can look low. The timeframe is M1 or H1 - it does not matter. Robot chooses proper timeframe itself.

The main question is: Is it better than fapturbo?

My answer is you can't compare them. If you are a serious forex trader and plan to make money you should understand that your forex trading portfolio should consist of several good systems. Remember, the diversification is the key to success! When one system has a loss the other one has a profit so your chances to win simply increase! That's why I review different systems to introduce good robots to you and of course to you!

I will update in a few weeks with more results on this robot!

Update January 2010. Forex Megadroid works very consistent for the last year. You can see the stats here.

Tested Result: testing
Forex Samurai

Updated: June 2010

Profitable: 9/10

Easy To Follow: 9/10

Honest Result: 9/10

Support: good support (received 1 reply)

Bonus Value: 9/10

Results: 5/5

The Good: Quality service with profitable trading results

The Bad: Nothing bad so far.


The Forex Samurai Service was released in June 2010. It is created by the developers of Forex Kagi. The vendor provides a set of bonus indicators and has a very useful documentation. This signal service works on two pairs: EURUSD and GBPUSD. All the optimization is done on the samurai server.

You have to attach Samurai EA to one chart only - it will work with the proper currency pairs in any case.

The Forex Samurai will use necessary parameters from the server and choose a pair according to the signal.

The only disadvantage of such approach - there is no way to do the backtest in MT4 because the trading logic is located on the server part.

All you can check is a live statement from more than 17 months of trading on the robot's website. The results are pretty impressive - 10k account turned into 170k :)

I've already set Forex Samurai on my forwardtest.

Tested Result: testing
Forex Crescendo

Updated: October 2010

Profitable: 7/10

Easy To Follow: 8/10

Honest Result: 9/10

Support: replied 3 times and provided betatester copy to me

Bonus Value: 8/10

Results: 4/5

The Good: Very solid grid trading system

The Bad: Can stay in long drawdowns during a strong trend


Forex Crescendo EA is a quality trading system from Mark McRae. The website has tons of trading proof and statistics from the live accounts. Mark even gives access to his Live account to the members. This is a refreshing proof after tons of small scam robots that came out on the market last month.

The system trades 2 pairs gbpjpy and gbpusd independently. The trading strategy is based on the grid trading. Here is how it works.

Once in a while (actually once in several hours depending on "frequency" parameter) the robot opens a new position if the price reached the "order_step" distance from the previous value.

The signal direction is calculated by HullMA indicator on H4 timeframe. However you can use "manual_trend" to set a specific direction instead manually.

When the "basket" reaches the desired amount "target_profit" all trades are closed. Normally EA targets at $4 or $40 as a target depending on your settings.

In a worst case if maximum drawdown reached "max_total_DD" all positions will be closed.

Backtests for the grid trading systems are inaccurate so it is better to rely on live trading results. Forex Crescendo live trading showed pretty solid results which makes me think this EA has a great potential. I have checked other forums and noticed even great developers like Mark from Forex Harvester seem to like this system

Update: October, 2. I started my forward test yesterday. I will report results shortly

Tested Result: testing
Forex Kagi System

Updated: June 2010

Profitable: 9/10

Easy To Follow: 9/10

Honest Result: 8/10

Support: good support (received 1 reply)

Bonus Value: 10/10

Results: 4/5

The Good: Solit trading package with lots of good bonuses

The Bad: Nothing bad so far.


Forex Kagi Japanese Trading System was released in June 2010. This is a serious package which contains indicator and Expert Advisor for trading. Developers recommend using indicator with six pairs: GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDJPY, NZDUSD and USDCAD, however their expert advisor called Forex Kagi Bot trades only on 1 single currency: USDJPY.

The Kagi indicator was created to directly calculate supply and demand conditions in any market where prices are recorded and charted. This indicator is plotted as a series of green and red lines in histogram form at the bottom of any price chart. When you see green bars change to red bars, this is an indication of increasing supply/decreasing demand and you should sell the currency when you get such signal. When you see red bars change to green bars, this is an indication of decreasing supply/increasing demand and you should buy the currency.

The developers of Forex Kagi System say: "75 to 80% Accurate Signals to bring you HUGE profits!" - this is not always really true. On the graph sometimes you can find situations like on the picture below:

What about Forex Kagi Bot? On the backtests this expert shows good results with nice trading activity - every day you can see some trading operations.

This robot is sensitive enough to the spread, but, like the indicator, can to show good results in the future. I already placed Forex Kagi Bot on my forwardtest.

Forex Kagi Japanese Trading System provides a set of bonus indicators, like Market-Time Indicator and IronCross.

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